Message from the Conference Chair

On behalf of the organisers, Victoria University of Wellington, the Department of Internal Affairs, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and Digital Identity New Zealand, I am pleased to invite you to support, and participate in, the Identity Conference 2019 – Identity as taonga: now and in the future.

Identity Conference 2019 is the fourth in a series of conferences that began in 2008. These events began a conversation about managing digital identity and the wider implications for people in New Zealand and beyond.

Identity is at the heart of relationships between people and organisations. Identity is a complex and sensitive area, identity is our taonga. Organisations need to consider carefully how they handle identity issues, to maintain the public’s trust and confidence.

Many organisations need to verify an individual’s identity when engaging with them at all levels; face to face, online and digitally.

How can organisations meet expectations of privacy and anonymity and maintain a customer-focused relationship?

How are organisations looking after our identity, our taonga, and protecting it from breach?

Identity Conference 2019 will revitalise these conversations and look to the future of identity and its management. New Zealand is considered a world leader in identity and privacy and we continue to learn from international experience and debate. This will be reflected in the conference programme planning. Solutions for many of the issues in identity depend on international agreement, standardisation and co-operation.

Identity Conference 2019 is an important event for people in business, government, academia and the media who recognise the importance of keeping up with changes in the way we manage, share and express our identity. This includes digital identity, and our fears that those identities are increasingly susceptible to misrepresentation, misunderstanding or theft.

The conference provides a rare opportunity where you can showcase your digital services and solutions to a wide range of delegates, including a large assembly of government sector representatives. It will be a particularly important event for those who wish to extend their national and international profile and reach through a range of sponsorship opportunities.

We invite you to be an integral part of this high-profile, future facing conference and look forward greatly to your support and participation.

Prof Steven Warburton, Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Digital Futures), Victoria University of Wellington

A video recording of Prof Warburton’s welcome address at the Identity Conference can be found here.