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Program Committee
Organized by
Victoria University of Wellington,
New Zealand
Co-Sponsored by
IEEE SMC Society
CSCWD International Working Group
General Conference Chair
Pedro Antunes (New Zealand)
Conference Co-Chairs
José A. Pino (Chile)
Yun Yang (Australia)
Anne James (UK)
Jano de Souza (Brazil)
Amy Trappey (Taiwan)
Pedro Antunes (New Zealand)
Program Committee Chairs
Weiming Shen (Canada)
Jean-Paul Barthès (France)
Junzhou Luo (China)
Jianming Yong (Australia)
Publicity Chairs
Andreas Drechsler (New Zealand)
Ijeoma Enwereuzo (New Zealand)
Publication Chair
Nguyen Hoang Thuan (New Zealand)
Finance Chair / Treasurer
Yi-Te Chiu (New Zealand)
Local Arrangement Chair
Markus Luczak-Roesch (New Zealand)
International Steering Committee
Jean-Paul Barthès (France)
Junzhou Luo (China)
Weiming Shen (Canada)
Jianming Yong (Australia)
Pedro Antunes (New Zealand)
Marcos Borges (Brazil)
Kuo-Ming Chao (UK)
Jano de Souza (Brazil)
Giancarlo Fortino (Italy)
Liang Gao (China)
Ning Gu (China)
Anne James (UK)
Peter Kropf (Switzerland)
Weidong Li (UK)
Xiaoping P. Liu (Canada)
Hwa Gyoo Park (Korea)
José A. Pino (Chile)
Amy Trappey (Taiwan)
Yun Yang (Australia)


Participants from many countries will need a visa to visit New Zealand. Please check visa options here.

Also, in the likely case you will have to transit through Australia, you may also need a visa to Australia. Check the details here.

In past conferences, we had participants unable to travel because they did not have a visa to fly though Australia. Please check carefully with your travel agency.

Visiting Wellington

Note that 25 April, the day before the conference, is a national day in New Zealand (and Australia). Several businesses will be closed during the day, in particular banks and currency exchange stores. Shops, cafes and restaurants will operate as usual.

The weather in Wellington in April can be a surprise, either good or bad. You should come prepared for wind, rain and sun. Did we say wind? Wellington has the reputation of being the world's wind capital, with gusts exceeding gale-force (75 km/h) about 175 days every year. Though the most active period is Spring, not Autumn. The highest gust of wind ever recorded in Wellington was 248 km/h. Anyway, do not bring an umbrella. Though bring sunscreen as the sun can be surprisingly strong any time of the year. Do not jump into any outdoor activities without having sunscreen.

Average temperatures in April are around 17 C during the day and 10 C in the evening.

Transportation from/to the airport

Wellington Airport is approximately 6km from Rutherford House at Victoria University of Wellington. You should allow for approximately 30 minutes for travel between the airport and the Rutherford House. There are a variety of transportation options available at Wellington Airport: